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Hanslope Village Litter Pick back this year!: Sunday 12/6/22 - 10am at the Rec Ground. Please pre-register if you need PPE and litter pickers. Otherwise just come.

May 2022 Police Report for Hanslope - Attached below

Speeding: We are often asked what the parish council is doing about speeding.  It is worth noting that parish councils have no powers to address speeding and as such, there is very little we can do, other than talk to the Highways Authority (MK Council in our case).  This then depends on how much they listen and then respond. We have been in constant contact with MKC but sadly, progress is very slow.  This is what we are doing: - 

 - Applied for white 'village gates' as a measure to slow cars coming into the village at each entrance. We are paying for this ourselves. Report attached.

- Operate a Speed Indicator Device, on at least one road into and out of the village.  This is reported on at PC meetings and the data sent to TVP, who are the enforcement authority for speeding (data attached below). SID displays and records speeds but not registration numbers. Some drivers are reminded of the speed limit and slow down.

- Requested Data Collection Strips be installed on Castlethorpe Road with a view to at least more signage and marking to slow down.

- Regularly badger MKC as to why the promised speed bumps and zebra crossing have not yet been installed on Long Street.

Contact details for the officers concerned are available on request.  You can also contact your Ward Councillors to ask what MKC are doing.

Affordable Housing - Some affordable housing is available on the new Hayfield Estate on Castlethorpe Road, to those with a 'strong local connection'.  Please see advice attached from MK Council.

Please can we remind people again, that dogs are to be kept on leads in the Recreation Ground? This is for the safety of other people and other dogs but also so that dog owners are aware of when their dog is relieving itself. In these dark evenings we are now seeing increased incidents of owners not 'realising', making it unsafe for children, football players and other Rec. Users. Thank you for your consideration to all.

Hanslope Community Hall at the Rec. Ground now open for bookings.  Local groups particularly welcome.  Capacity 100. Photos attached below.

Footpath Diversion - Malt Mill Farm - Document attached

Temporary Footpath Closure: Adjacent to Hanslope Fields (Bloor) estate - opposite Recreation Ground off Castlethorpe Road, runs parallel to Western Drive, Oct 2021 - April 2022 - see PDF attached.

Notice of Conclusion of Audit - Attached

Updated 33 Bus service timetable attached below

Contacts in the event of flooding: Out-of-hour council contact: 01908 226 699 (Main contact for all residents). Anglian Water: 03457 145 145 (For surcharging manholes). National 24 hour floodline: 03459881188. Emergency Planning in-hour contact: 01908 254 555 (activated out-of-hours if properties are flooding, only use if having trouble getting through with first contact number above). On our website there is a guide on what to do during a flood:

Confirmation of the Period of Elector's Rights: from 14/6/21 to 23/7/21 - notice attached below.

Thanks to all who took part in the village litter pick on Sunday 13th June!

As Hanslope still has a bus service, is DRT (the shuttle bus) available to our residents?  Adele Wearing (MK Council Transport) confirms: The whole of Milton Keynes borough, including Hanslope is included in the scheme. Offer of a demand responsive trip or a bus route will depend on the exact journey and the availability of a fixed bus route to provide it. If the journey requested cannot be fulfilled by public bus at that time then an MK Connect trip will be offered. This can vary even on a bus route depending on when the bus is due. If people have mobility issues meaning they can’t access nearby bus routes they are being directed to, they can give us a call on 01908 252526 and we add a note to their account so they get offered the appropriate rides. See attached PDF for 'How to Book'.

Reporting issues to the parish council: Please email the clerk on [email protected] or phone 07383 091319.  These should be issues that come under the powers of the parish council.  For all other issues - see below and attached guide.  Postings on social media can not be considered.

Report a Problem: Reports for faulty street lights, pot holes, roadworks issues, obscured signage, overgrown hedges, flooding etc should be directed to MKC via this link:

Flooding advisory: Advice in the event of flooding is attached.

Message from our local PCSO: Phone 101 and report any problems with anti-social behaviour, abandoned vehicles etc. Then the PCSO can go and investigate. No matter how small the crime is, residents must call it in to 101 and then the PCSO will be instructed to deal with it. If we as a village don't call in crimes/issues, it will be presumed that all is a haven of peace. We might even have our new PCSO diverted elsewhere and we need him here. Thanks.

LOOKING OUT FOR THE ELDERLY IN OUR COMMUNITY: This from Age UK - to you to inform COVID-19 Emergency Service AGE UK MK are currently offering. The service offers help to elderly residents with shopping trips, prescription collecting, providing essential food packs and delivering meals. Further details can be found on our website: and residents can call the charity's main telephone line 01908 550700 (Monday - Friday 9am to 4pm) should they need support.

Please be reminded of the Government Guidelines during the Covid 19 crisis.  Please follow the guidance. Find guidance about coronavirus (COVID-19) for health professionals and other organisations.

Coronavirus Help:  Don't be alone and don't go without.  The village church is coordinating volunteers to help.  Please click this link:

Website Accessibility: Please see below our website accessibility statement

Police Report May 2022 File Uploaded: 16 May 2022 201.1 KB White Gates Report File Uploaded: 17 March 2022 864 KB SID Data File Uploaded: 21 March 2022 116.3 KB SID Data File Uploaded: 21 March 2022 114.9 KB SID Data File Uploaded: 21 March 2022 116.7 KB SID Data File Uploaded: 21 March 2022 114.2 KB Info from Gigaclear re. road closures File Uploaded: 17 February 2022 168.9 KB Affordable Housing Advice File Uploaded: 15 February 2022 19.5 KB Long St Closure - Feb 22 File Uploaded: 21 January 2022 110.6 KB Long St Closure - Feb 22 File Uploaded: 21 January 2022 111.8 KB Long St Closure - Feb 22 File Uploaded: 21 January 2022 146.2 KB Footpath Diversion Order Malt Mill Farm File Uploaded: 17 December 2021 204.9 KB Map - Footpath Closure Oct 21-April 22 File Uploaded: 15 October 2021 254.3 KB Footpath Closure - Oct 21-April 22 File Uploaded: 15 October 2021 27.4 KB Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2020-21 File Uploaded: 17 September 2021 291 KB 33 Bus timetable from April 1st 2021 File Uploaded: 22 July 2021 182.2 KB Confirmation of the Period of Elector's Rights File Uploaded: 14 June 2021 230 KB PRoW Changes - Bloor Estate File Uploaded: 14 May 2021 254.7 KB PRoW Changes - Bloor Estate File Uploaded: 14 May 2021 71.9 KB Demand Responsive Transport File Uploaded: 21 April 2021 249.3 KB Which Council to Report Issues to File Uploaded: 24 February 2021 156.3 KB Flooding Advisory File Uploaded: 10 February 2021 229.2 KB HPC Website Accessibility Statement File Uploaded: 29 July 2020 260 KB

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