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Hanslope Parish Council


Welcome to Hanslope Parish Council's website.  The parish council is here to represent the views of the community.  There are currently 8 councillors with 1 vacancy.  The clerk is Mrs Gill Merry who can be contacted with any queries or concerns on : Email: [email protected]  - Tel: 07383 091319. Address: Hanslope Parish Council, The Pavilion, Castlethorpe Road, Hanslope, MK19 7LG

MK FUTURES - DRAFT STRATEGY: A public meeting will be held at Castlethorpe Village Hall on 19/03/2020 at 7.30pm.  The draft strategy can be viewed here: https://www.mkfutures2050.com/strategy-for-2050-engagement-page.  If you wish Hanslope PC councillors to represent your views at the meeting, please email [email protected]

FOOTPATH CLOSURES: Please see attachment below re. closure of public rights of way at Long Street:

UPDATE AS OF 15/01/20: From MKC Highways Engineer re. over-running works: The Works at the Junction of Long Street Gold Street are ongoing with the outstanding works due to be completed this month. The traffic calming and signs are being installed this week. A stage 3 safety audit will then be undertaken on the junction for any additional improvement works.  In terms of the zebra crossing outside the school it is still proposed to be delivered by isnt likely to be delivered until the easter break as road closures will be required.  Jonjo - Jonjo McBride, Senior Engineer Highways. 01908 252362, [email protected] Milton Keynes Council|Enviromental and Property|Synergy Park|Chesney Wold|Bleak Hall|Milton Keynes|MK6 1LY. http://www.milton-keynes.gov.uk/

SCAM ALERT: Residents are asked to be aware of a new phone scam operating in the area, whereby a caller  poses as the police and asks for access information.  TVP are aware and advise 'hanging-up' immediately.  Residents are asked to look out for elderly relatives and neighbours and make them aware.

Report a Problem: Reports for faulty street lights, pot holes, roadworks issues, obscured signage, overgrown hedges, flooding etc should be directed to MKC via this link: https://www.milton-keynes.gov.uk/pay-report-apply/report-it

COUNCILLOR VACANCY: Hanslope Parish Council currently has a vacancy for a councillor.  Please contact the clerk for details.ITS A YES! NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN REFERENDUM RESULTS BELOW.

Hanslope Parish Council

Hanslope NP Referendum Result Hanslope NP Referendum Result