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Hanslope Parish Council


Welcome to Hanslope Parish Council's new website.  The parish council is here to represent the views of the community.  There are currently 8 councillors with 1 vacancy.  The clerk is Mrs Gill Merry who can be contacted with any queries or concerns on : Email: [email protected]  - Tel: 07383 091319. Address: Hanslope Parish Council, The Pavilion, Castlethorpe Road, Hanslope, MK19 7LG

NEW UPDATE AS OF 9/12/19: From MKC Highways Engineer re. over-running works: The works were due to be completed on the 2nd December 2019. However due to the large amount of utilities, recent bad weather and utility companies letting the contractors ECL on site down the completion dates was moved back to the 16th December 2019. This extension was agreed with streetworks and notified to the councillors and residents.  We have recently been made aware of a planning application on a parcel of land adjacent to these works for the construction of 4 houses for a developer called TAGIT. It was agreed through various site meetings with Bloor Homes, TAGIT, ECL, Anglian Water and myself that as part of the current works on site a sewer connection can be made from an existing foul connection on one side of Long Street into this new development for future connection. The sewer connection is shown on drawing number 069-021 A2 Rev E. Originally these planned works didn’t affect the programme but due to additional services being discovered in the road a slower excavation method needs to be undertaken. This has therefore delayed the programme again to the 19th December 2019. With some works to be completed into the new year. The delay caused by this sewer connection now will save 2/3 weeks’ worth of disruption in the future and unpleasant scarring of the newly surfaced carriageway; so it was considered preferred to carry out this sewer connection now.

I met the contractor on site this afternoon and discussed a way forward to ensure the traffic management is removed before Christmas. See attached Works Phases Plan attached. The contractor still plans to deliver the works in the agreed plan of 2 phases and existing approved traffic management.

Phase 1 will be on going until the 10th December 2019 under the existing 3 way traffic lights, the road will be constructed with the surface course and final white lining laid and footway tarmacked to binder course.
Phase 2 will then commence on the afternoon of the 10th December 2019 until 19th December 2019 where part of Castlethorpe will be closed and Long Street will be under 2 way traffic lights. All the construction works to realign the junction, alter the kerb line and resurface the remaining section of the road will be completed in this phase.

The plan is to have the road open, surfaced, white lined and functional with the new working street lights and safe footways by the 19th December 2019. This will allow the road to run in its new state over the Christmas period. Over this period signs will be erected to inform drivers of a ‘New Road Layout’ and ‘Slow’.  The contractor will then need to return in the January to complete the final stages of the works which include the installation of 2 of the centre islands on Long Street Gold Street, construction of speed humps, final surfacing of the footway and reinstatement of all verges and off carriageway works. See plan titled Works in new year.  This is all planned to ensure that the traffic lights and road closure isn’t on site over the Christmas period.

I apologise for the inconvenience cause by these works but we are working closely with the developer and contractor on site to ensure that the works are completed ASAP. If you have any comments or should you require any further details / information then please do not hesitate to contact me on Highway Adoptions [email protected]

Report a Problem: Reports for faulty street lights, pot holes, roadworks issues, obscured signage, overgrown hedges, flooding etc should be directed to MKC via this link: https://www.milton-keynes.gov.uk/pay-report-apply/report-it

COUNCILLOR VACANCY: Hanslope Parish Council currently has a vacancy for a councillor.  Please contact the clerk for details.ITS A YES! NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN REFERENDUM RESULTS BELOW.

Hanslope Parish Council

Hanslope NP Referendum Result Hanslope NP Referendum Result